Course Work



The Certified Wine Expert® training program is self-paced and utilizes a modern learning management system.  We've implemented a number of educational methods and devices in order to maximize your learning and to help you get certified online!



Course Modules

Your self-paced wine training program has four (4) modules to guide you through all course objectives in the Certified Wine Expert program. While some of the courses build upon information presented in prior lessons - if you want to read ahead and are ready for the next lesson - you are free to do so. Course modules offer students the ability to test retention of course materials and prepare for the Certification Exam through online study tools and may receive instructor feedback through Written Assignments.


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Training Materials

Your text books can be purchased direct from Amazon through our online bookstore. But you don't have to wait to get started. Your courses will be available for you to begin studies online immediately after your enrollment is complete. The Certified Wine Expert online course modules are instantly available once you enroll. You can begin reviewing the Vocabulary, Flash Cards and Written Assignments within the lessons right away. Training materials including the Wine Aroma Kit may be purchased direct from Wine  All students who register for this module will receive a discount off the Wine Aroma Kit. (see Module 3)



Just like in a regular classroom, all of your lessons, instructions and course assignments are posted to the Blackboard.  The online Blackboard is where you will find your study tools, vocabulary, practice quizzes and more. This is also where you will take your Certification Exam and submit completed written assignments to the instructor. You will also have access to downloadable templates customized for each of your lessons to walk you through your written assignments step-by-step. The Blackboard is always online – ready for you 24/7; any time you want to sign-in for class or feel the urge to study.



How to get the most out of this program

For each module, students are strongly encouraged to complete each of the following course work steps as instructed:


  • Watch the Lesson Overview Video.
  • Read the Lesson from the Curriculum Textbook.
  • Complete Independent Study and Field Assignments.
  • Complete and submit the Written Assignment.
  • Review the online Lesson Flashcards.
  • Take the online Practice Quiz.
  • Ask the Instructor email questions to the instructor as needed.
  • Repeat the above process for each of the modules.


    At least once per week it is advisable to review the Vocabulary Flash Cards, reviewing these will assist you in understanding the core curriculum and develop your use of wine vocabulary in your written assignments and in your everyday conversations about wine.


    Certification Exam

    Upon successful completion of all course requirements for this Program and passing the Certification Exam, graduates will be awarded a certificate which they can download online and a Certified Wine Expert credential card customized with their name and graduating class date will be mailed to them. There are no student body fees, parking permits or anything else to get in the way of your learning and getting your Certified Wine Expert credential. (Read more about the Certification Exam)

    Commitment to successful completion of your coursework

    Utilizing modern learning techniques in conjunction with a thorough curriculum, your courses are designed so that they can be studied independently. However, you will also have access to advisors to guide you as you need them. When you have specific questions about the curriculum or the assignments, if you fail to find an answer at the blackboard, please post your question in an email. It is our policy for an advisor to respond to questions within 24 hours.


    If you're serious about getting your Certified Wine Expert® credentials and building your credibility, visibility and success in a wine career of your choice, we urge you to GET STARTED!




    Certified Wine Expert® Program Has Been Approved by the American Culinary Federation for 100 Continuing Education Hours.