Module 3


Wine Types
Lesson 5

In this lesson, you will become familiar with different wine types, gaining a solid grasp of not only the most common kinds of wines, but also a background on where they come from and their basic characteristics. You will learn about:


  • White, Red, Rosé, and Sparkling wines
  • Grape varietals that make up these wines
  • Best-growing conditions for the grapes
  • Different styles of wine production
  • How sparkling wines are created
  • Creation of fortified and dessert wines





    Wine Tasting
    Lesson 6

    In this lesson, you will learn about wine tasting techniques and terms, the benefits of sensory evaluation, and how your sense of smell and taste work together. Wine tasting is a subjective talent that depends largely on the individual taster. It is a combination of the effects of what is seen, what is smelled, and what is tasted. When you complete this lesson, you will understand:


  • Proper techniques for tasting wine
  • How wine characteristics work together in sensory evaluation
  • Detecting and identifying aromas and flavors
  • How to describe the wine based on aromas, flavors and sensations experienced





    Wine and Food Pairing
    Lesson 7

    The relationship between wine and food is closely intertwined. This lesson introduces you to wine and food pairing. We will dig into how wine and food pairings can be made to complement and contrast, giving you insight into how best to match sensory perceptions for the most pleasing combinations. This lesson will teach you about how wine and food interact with one another. You will learn:


  • How wine characteristics play with different food types and flavors
  • What are complementary and contrasting flavors and textures
  • How to select and recommend wines to pair with meals
  • What it takes to confidently plan a wine-pairing menu
  • Which wine and food combinations you can use as a basis for your own experimentation




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