Module 1


Wine Fundamentals
Lesson 1


In this lesson, we will give you an overview of the basic origins of wine, discuss the major wine producing regions, and list the main grape types or varietals. You will learn:


  • How and when wine evolved throughout history
  • Basic facts surrounding the largest wine-producing regions
  • An overview of the grapes grown in these regions
  • Classic grape varietals and their characteristics




    The Winemaking Process
    Lesson 2

    In this lesson on winemaking,we explain the science behind wine production, from the fruit development to the harvesting and bottling processes. You will begin to understand the basics of viticulture, the fundamentals of viniculture, and how the winemaking process works from beginning to end. Think of viticulture as the delicate science of growing the grapes used to produce wine and viniculture as the art of wine production.

    In this lesson, you will learn:


  • The basics of viticulture
  • Grape pruning, trellises, and rootstocks
  • Types of hybrid grapes and their harvesting
  • Viniculture fundamentals
  • Fermentation, malolactic fermentation, bottling, blending, the various methods of aging, and cellaring






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