How long is the Certified Wine Expert program?

Depending on your own pace, you can earn your certification in as little as four to six weeks. You can take as long as you need or move ahead as fast as you like. It's all up to you. 


How much does it cost?

Other wine training programs can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars and take 1 to 2 years or more to complete, subject to course availability when the school makes them available. The Certified Wine Expert Program can be completed in as early as four weeks - for less than a third of the cost. Our course modules are just $295 to $495 each depending on materials. Tuition and certification is $1675 (all four modules and certification exam); recommended books and materials $550. Modules can be taken one at a time, so you can pay and go when you're ready for the next module. With our program, there's no waiting for courses to become available and dragging out your learning over semesters. You can start right away!


What will I learn?

Each lesson is comparable to a 3-unit course at a college or university. Our program covers a minimum of 17 course objectives in wine studies covering each of the key concepts of Wine History & World Wine Regions, Winemaking Processes, Old World & New World wines (a “deep-dive” look at nearly 30 wine regions), Wine Types & Styles, Classic Grape Varieties, Vineyard basics, Wine Tasting, Wine & Food Pairing, Wine Aroma & Sensory Evaluation, Serving Wines, Hosting Wine Events and Wine Career Opportunities. Going beyond studies, you will also go out into the world and interact with wine industry professionals by conducting interviews and participating in interactive assignments.  (Read about our course modules.)


Do I need to know about wine?

You don’t need to know about wine before you take the course…you just need passion and commitment! Program lessons, assignments and study tools will guide you through the course step-by-step. Learn at your own pace and study on your own terms, when it’s convenient for you.


Do I get to taste wine?

Tasting is part of understanding wine, so you may choose to sample wines on your own solely for the purpose of evaluation, only if you are of the legal minimum age for the retail purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages in your state or country. As you are training for a career in the wine industry, you must know that the industry is very serious about promoting responsible drinking. Drinking wine or any alcohol can obviously cause one to become intoxicated and it also dulls your senses. You will be expected to conduct yourself as a professional at all times which means keeping a clear head and more often spitting wine (rather than swallowing) in wine tasting settings or while performing your job. (Please see course terms and conditions)


What if I don’t drink wine?

Alternative assignments that do not require wine tasting are also available to students and are weighed equally in satisfying lesson requirements. 


How can I use my certification?

Upon successful completion of all course requirements for this Program, graduates will be awarded a certificate which they can download online and a credential card customized with their name and graduating class date will be mailed to them. Only those graduates who have received their Certified Wine Expert credential from Bartenders Association Internationale may use the designations: "Certified Wine Expert" and/or "CWX" and the Certified Wine Expert logo in their signature lines and for their own personal marketing. The Certified Wine Expert designations and logos are a symbol of your professionalism, understanding of, and dedication to your industry. The Certified Wine Expert designation is officially registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and applications have been made to register the CWX acronym and logo. Certificate holders are encouraged to use the logo on their stationery, business cards, web pages, publications, and for their own personal marketing. Using your certification and credentials you have earned as a Certified Wine Expert can assist you in preparing for job opportunities in the food service, hospitality, bartending and wine industries.


If you're serious about getting your Certified Wine Expert® credentials and building your credibility, visibility and success in a wine career of your choice, we urge you to GET STARTED!


Certified Wine Expert® Program Has Been Approved by the American Culinary Federation for 100 Continuing Education Hours.