23 things people like most about their jobs in the wine industry


Wine careers range from Wine Making, Wine Production, Vineyard Management, Wine Marketing & Sales, Wine Public Relations, Wine Writing, Wine Education, Winery Management & Administration, Direct to Consumer Sales, Winery Supplier and Wine Marketing with a Distributor or Retailer. And, beyond getting a job directly in the wine industry there are many jobs in hospitality that may require wine training and certification such as being a Sommelier, Wine Steward or Bartender.



Ever wonder what people in the wine industry find most rewarding about their jobs? The following list is based on responses from some of the nation’s leading professionals in the wine industry, ranging from winemakers, vineyard owners, tasting room managers, wine sales and marketing professionals, writers and educators.


1.     Contributing to the environment/world in a positive way

2.     Long hours, hard work and highly rewarding

3.     The creative process involved in the birth of a wine

4.     Bringing enjoyment to others by recommending wines

5.     The wine industry is always changing, so I'm always learning

6.     Facing new challenges

7.     Watching enjoyment of people experiencing wines for the first time

8.     The good friends I have made in industry

9.     Meeting fabulous people who are passionate about wine

10.   Running my own business

11.   Solving problems

12.   Educating others about wine

13.   Traveling

14.   Developing and motivating my staff

15.   Talking to people

16.   Helping others develop an interest in wine

17.   Harvest and crush - when the magic happens

18.   Spending time outdoors in the vineyards

19.   The enthusiasm of people sharing their wine and travel experiences

20.   Working in a lifestyle and luxury career

21.   Being able to see how my own palate changes

23.   Meeting smart talented people


24.   What is yours…?


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