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    Your Path toa Wine Career.

    The Certified Wine Expert® training program provides you with the knowledge and the confidence you need to break into the wine industry and advance your career.

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    Turn YourPassion Intoa Career!

    Certified Wine Experts® can work in a wide range of roles in the wine, hospitality and food service industries.

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    Fast, Effective &Affordable

    The Certified Wine Expert® program can be completed in as little as four weeks, covers everything you need to know and is less expensive than a semester at most colleges.

Writers, Bloggers & Marketing Pros



There are many professional talents required in the wine industry including marketing professionals, writers and bloggers. Certified Wine Expert is great for people who would like to learn  more about the subject of wine and earn a credential.

Hospitality & Service Professionals



Food service and hospitality industries are

always looking for talented professionals who are

knowledgeable about wine. Certified Wine Expert is

ideal for people looking to start or advance their



Wine Industry Professionals



Those already working in the wine industry may

wish to add Certified Wine Expert to their resume or

existing credentials and designations. Certified Wine

Expert is good for those looking for a convenient way

to study online.


Certified Wine Expert® Program Has Been Approved by the American Culinary Federation for 100 Continuing Education Hours.